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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 02 August 2018

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 02 August 2018 No ratings yet.

I took the exam yesterday. it was really a little nervous, but i managed as well & and the following is my feedback,
I got TS1  , Diag DHCP/TCL &  Config H2+

TS – 1 1 hour 55 min (verified twice)
1 – Access lis blocking OSPF in Vlan 12 towards switches


nothing new , no restrictions
used this config

ip access-list extended COP_ACL
deny ospf any any
deny tcp any any eq 179
deny tcp any eq 179 any
deny pim any any
deny udp any any eq 500
deny udp any any eq 4500
deny udp any any range 33434 33464
deny esp any any
deny gre any any
permit ip any any ttl eq 1
permit ip any any ttl eq 0
class-map match-any COP_CLASS
match access-group name COP_ACL
policy-map COP_POLICY
service-policy input COP_POLICY


I skipped this section because of broadcast storm, someone reported this issue earlier, so I skipped


DHCP in R15.
R101 must be a specific prefix.
Don’t change config in Ethe0/0 in R101 (there was a preconfigured mac-address)
i configured two pools , 1 for /24 and 1 for R101 (with specific client identifier)


Nat of R17 , nothing New


SW4 was HSRP active


nothing new

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