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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 02 July 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 02 July 2015 No ratings yet.

I’m happy to say that I recently passed the CCIE lab. Here is what I remember. Enjoy!


1. VLAN 12 was not created on SW2.
2. Don’t remember but it was a simple fix.
3. On one of the originating routers, the interface was configured with ospf prio 1, changed it to 10.
4. Delay was wrong on R13. Had to do metric weights 0 1 1 1 1 1 under the EIGRP process as well to obtain identical outputs.

9. R7 had a different group in the isakmp policy.
10. Very easy this one. Just something with the NAT configuration.

1. The first one was sw3, interface to the host was shutdown because of port-security. Second answer was host1, check the mac-address.
2. The DMVPN hub clearly had redistribute connected without a route-map denying the NBMA-interface.
3. Oh, this one was a mess. Not sure if I got this one. I’ll not even attempt to explain it. In short it was about uRPF and assymetric routing. Just make sure you have atleast 20 minutes to take this one step by step. Do some drawing and verify the outputs one by one.

I had a version with VRF on the DMVPN-Routers. The OSPF/MPLS-network had R1 configured with max-metric router-lsa and also all the routers had mpls ip no propagate-ttl configured. One the Sydnet EIGRP-network eigrp was configured in Named mode with sha1-authentication. I also configured the authentication on the DMVPN-spokes. Multicast was very straighforward, just enable ip pim sparse-mode in the Sydney/APAC and configure ip pim rp/bsr-candidate lo0 on R15. There was no netflow config. Had to configure shell processing full on order to obtain one output. In the IPv6 section I had to configure OSPFv3 (not the ipv6 router OSPF). There was IPv6 general prefix configured, just get the IPv6 addresses with show ipv6 int bri.

Thats all. Just a generalt advice that I really think helped me with the speed (as this is very important). Maybe it works for you, maybe not 😎 . Try not to get the configuration unique in the notepad window if you dont have to. I for example configured the network statements with network and also skipped router-id’s if the question did not ask about it – it is so easy to paste the same config on multiple routers, and if the same router-id is on multiple routers then there is an interesting problem introduced by one selfs over-configuration. I also configured alot of the stuff att the same time, for example OSPF and LDP (auto-config under the process). Also configuring the IPv4 Unicast and VPNv4 Unicast iBGP peerings inside as 12345 can save alot of time.

Good luck!

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