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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 03 September 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 03 September 2015 No ratings yet.

Hello guys,

Got my number. First of all I want to thanks cciereallabworkbook.com

My feedback:

TS1 – Vlan Issue Only (added vlan 12 to the trunk) – no DHCP problems at all.
TS2 – Wrong CHAP Username and DHCP – dindt had to change VTY config – Telnet successful
TS3 – Passive Interface on R22 – Segment between R21 and R22 already /29, didnt had to add area 1 range.
TS4 – The logging output already showing K-value mismatched and wrong bandwidth on R12.
TS5 – Changed MED values on R4 and R6. Nothing else, traffic going out was ok (Local Pref and such was already ok) –
A side Note for this one: On Alinux TS version it is requested to Assure the inbound traffic from INTERNET (R32) to R12 must enter via R22. This was NOT requested on my version of the Exam.
TS6 – IPv6 – Network behind R25 was not being advertised and wrong NextHop value on R25’s route-map as well.
TS7 – R15 – Incomplete config. (added no next-hop-self and no split-horizon, and nhrp redirect) , R19 – Fixed ACL to include ESP.

Techtorial – A must to READ on the last month of your training. <—EDITED from WATCH to READ – This is a CiscoLive Presentation. Google it, I dont have the link.

Books: TCP/IP Vol 1 and 2, CCNP Library (version 5), IOS CookBook 2nd Edition, MPLS fundamentals, BGP book from White Russ, Cisco Documentation for Labbing is a must.

When I finished studying I took my last month to practice with the Topologies only, All the answers and configs were on my own. The last week took the time to exchange feedback with you guys and this
made myself more confident. This is a hard exam indeed, but it is also doable, is not impossible. Please don’t just dump, study and learn the technologies and youll get your number honestly and make
the cert. worth it. But once, again when you finish your studies try the workbooks posted here so at least you learn the topology before the exam so you feel more confident.
Once again thanks guys, Thanks for your help.

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