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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 07 MAY 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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I passed CCIE lab thanks to cciereallabworkbook.com.Here is my feedback. It was my first attempt. Without cciereallabworkbook there is no way for me to pass the lab since you don’t have enough time to read questions and verify your all config within the give time in the lab.
I think the keys to pass the lab there is no secret or shortcut…..1) must study technologies very well, 2) should know your enemy before 3 months to take a lab and familiar with the topology, 3) Good at time management during the exam.


1.L2 issue -> VLAN 12 was missing on SW1 and SW2, so I added it.

2.PPP issue -> R17 had ‘ppp authentication chap callout’ and I removed it.

3.OSPF issue -> On R21, ospf cost 1 was configured. So I changed the cost to 10 to match with the ospf route output asked in the exam.

4.EIGRP issue -> one of routers had wrong bandwidth manually configured, so I changed it to match with the other interface. Also, I had to change K value to ‘metric weight 0 1 1 1 1 1’

5.BGP issue -> On R12, it was missing ‘maximum path 2’. So I added it to match with the requested output.

6.IPv6 issue -> On R22, IPv6 next hope was wrong. So, I modify the Route-map to correct IPv6 next hop.

7.DMVPN Hun and Spoke issue -> on R18 and R19, ip nhrp maps were wrong. So, I corrected them and shut/no shut for the tunnel to bring up the DMVPN tunnels.



a.R15 and removed NBMA address from redistribution

a.Root cause of the problem. -> uRFP and Async routing ( R1 has two interfaces, and uRPF strict mode was configured. )

b.Drug and Drop for ICMP packet flow. -> if you know the concept of uRFP and can read console output of routing table, you can select the correct order of the ICMP packet something like, R1 received ICMP packet, lookup routing table, translate source IP for NAT, send a packet from e0/0, and received by R2, and the destination reply to ICMP, and routing via R3, and R1 received the IMCP reply via a wrong interface, and drop it because of uRPF strict mode configured.

Nothing special shared in the forum. But, SW’s lookback interface was 123.20x.x.x. ( x is switch number, ex SW1, Also, In IPV6 config section, the IPv6 interface was sub interface. In DMVPN, the tunnel ip address was 10.x.x.x. Since I lost my 30min by TS section, I didn’t have time to verify Banner, SSH and IPV6 auth. I configured the three sections within 10min. So, again, the time management is very key. I spent a lot of time for L2 and IGP verification since if you misconfigured those sections, the rest of the config won’t work.

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