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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 11 December 2014

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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TS : topoloy is same as the reported . I suggest that “Never remove the preconfig”. I removed sevral preconfig to meet the result in question. For example, at OSPF load-balance question (R1-R3-R5-R21-R22), a ospf cost 1 was in a interface of R21. It prevented R1 from sending a packet by load-balance. So I just removed it to meet same metric(30)  due to the routing information given by the question. At many case, I removed the preconfig to meet same results given by questions. I think it may be a reason for me not passing TS.

DIAG : There are a lot of information such as email, config, system . but you can find the answer easily if you have an ability to solve TS.
Ticket 1 : port securiy question
Ticket 2 : DMVPN + flapping
Ticket 3 : uRPF

CONFIG : This is almost same as the reported at this forem (LAB 1.1). But there is a minor change such as ip add on preconfig, Do not use ip ospf ipv6 command, Rapid-pvst, use router eigrp 34567, no vrf set-up on R15, R17, R18, R19, eigrp sturb and redistribute on R18, R19 and so on.

I am not good memory. This is the best which I can tell. I hope this helps next talkers to pass the test
Thanks for reading.

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