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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 08 December 2014

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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Hello everyone.
I have just passed the exam for my first attempt. Here is my report.
1. SW2 wrong MAC. DHCP R7 R8 wrong client-id too. You have to crossed check on both routers.

2. There is “ppp ipcp route default” on R12 but not for R17. Just remove on R12 and enter in R17.

3. Wrong subnet mask between R21 and R22. The correct one is /29.

4. There is distribute-list on R13 that use prefix-list. You have to change metric weight to 1 1 1 1 1 in order to match the FD from the output.

5. The question asks to match the trace output. Just input next-hop-self on R22 and the trace will match.

6. No network statement on R25 so just input the correct one.

7. Wrong nhrp authen on R19 and there is no ip nhrp redirect on R15.

8. There is no neighbor activate between R3-R7 and R4-R8. Another fault is to correct NAT on R7 and R8.

9. DMVPN between R7-R24 not telnet to NAS. Correct the crypto mismatch between them.

10. NAS cannot get IP from DHCP server R23 because there is secondary IP on R24 so just remove it.

Diag: Like that we have.

Config: H1 without VRF.

Resources that I have done.
– Cisco CCIE study guide v4
– INE workbook v5
– Cisco 360
– INE workbook v4 VOL3 and VOL4 (This part I use rack rental from INE and just skip the unused topic such as frame relay)
My advice for TS part is to read the question very carefully. You can find faults not quite difficult like those we are discussing. However, stay calm, manage your time and if possible, have spare time about 30 mins to recheck your matched output.
Last, understand the technology so it will help you when you find new faults and understand the topology so it will help you solve the question faster.

Good luck to all of you.

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