Hi Guys,

My friend passed yesterday.


1. Switchoprt security and client identifier was missing

2. PPP IPCP router default was on R12 instead of R17

3. on R22 Wrong subnet mask was configured. It was /30 instead of /29.

4. K Values mismatch

5. Next hop self was not configured on R22.

6. Everything was working coudlnt find anything.

7. IP NHRP map multicast dynamic was missing on R15 and ip nhrp redirect was also missing. and spoke was missing the hub mapping of public and private ip address

8. Default route originate was not there in R7 ,R8 and also NAT statement and accesslist related to NAT was misisng. and ip ospf cost was missing on R4 and R6.

9. Crypto was matching on both many things in crypto.

10. Secondary ip address was configured on R24.

New Diag.

HSRPv6 and multicast. same as in forum.


A5 without vrf.

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 09 August 2017