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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 09 July 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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Dear all,

Thanks to this cciereallabworkbook.

TS and Config is same but , but in diag section uPRF was totally new couldnt understand. other were same of eigrp issue on R16 to increase length & on 1st question was vtp status & vtp password ON SW3

TK 1
VLAN 12 missing and int 1/0 was stucked, spent 15 minutes and thought I will fail but luckily in the end I remove 1/0 config on SW2 and put it again then every thing start working .Seems to be it was due to port-security while before the Port was showing Up/Up

TK 2
Wrong Username @ R17 and default-router missing at R12 DHCP

TK 3
OSPF setting with OSPF Cost 1 at e2/0 so i set on other router also

TK 4
Delay on R12 interface and change the Metric to 0 1 1 1 1 .
when I put wetric weight on R12 & R13 then R11 get stucked so have to do power recycle it.Gosh again I felt I miss it

TK 5
Just & was not working.Max-Path 2 was missing advertisement of was missing plus R12 interface was not advertised connecting to R4 & R6

TK 6
Wrong next hop address ON R22


After finishing Config trace of was stoping then remove the BGP config at R20 and put it back then it start working all.
Dont know waht was it.

I have finished INE Workbooks,Narbik Workbooks,one Bootcamp & Cisco 360 Labs.
Then Attempt 1st Lab in Nov and failed (At that time I dont use IOU dont know that it exist in this earth )
On 15th May start using WebIOU on Slow PC with 8GB Ram but practice more then 12 times the Labs and TS .

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