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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 09 March 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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Hi mates, thanks for all your support,  and I got the number today!

Config was the same: MST, VRF, Eigrp with strongest authentication and “grep” command.  Please read the questions carefully as some of the requirement change, like mac address aging 3 hours in S3 and S4 and different traceroute result from R12 to R19(put weigh 120 on 15.1 peer instead of 15.5 in R20).  More, need to carefully check the VLAN of each switchport in S1/2/3/4 even you find the EIGRP or OSPF peer is established.

Diagnostics – same as in the workbook pdf .  But one question ask which kind of information to gather from helpdesk to troubleshoot the port down issue in SW3 and my answer is mac address of host 1.

1. wrong vlan of R101 and wrong DHCP setting
2. miss username and password in R17 and missed “ppp ipcp route default”
3. OSPF – bandwidth and passive interface
4. EIGRP – bandwidth and metric value, I change to “bandwidth 1000” instead of remove it
5. BGP –  2 were wrong. change the MED in R22 and route-map in R12
6. ipv6 – Next-hop was wrong, and the network wasn’t advertised
7.DMVPN – distribute-list that filters the NBMA address from sending over the DMVPN tunnels, and had to modify the access-list on R19

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