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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 10 June 2014

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I took the CCIE R&S V5 EXAM on June 5th  , and receive the result today . The CFG section and TS section are passed , but the Diagnostics section is failed .
In fact , I didn’t met Diagnostics section on that day . After I finished the TS section ( it took me 2 and a half hour ), what showed on the webpage is that the next section is Diagnostics . Because the Diagnostics section is limited to 30 minutes , I waited a few minutes to avoid conflicting with lunch . After I confirm the lunch won’t start now , I click the START button . But what came to me is the CFG section .
Because I am busy solving the question . And meanwhile , after I combine the points of TS section and CFG section together . I found it nearly 100 . So I misjudged that there’s no Diagnostics section . And I didn’t told the proctor about this situation .
I don’t know it is software bug or my misoperation . I just write a feedback to CISCO and waiting for the reply .

I know all the fellows are concerned about the exam . Because it is a week ago . I just could describe it in brief .
The TS section is just the same format as V4 . But there are lots of new topics . What I face is 10 tickets : DHCP snooping , OSPF , EIGRP , BGP , DMVPN , MPLS ,  ppp ipcp , NAT ALG ,  MPLS leaking ,  and I forget the last one .
I didn’t met the Diagnostics section , so I don’t know what it is like .
The CFG section has a lot of difference compare to V4 , it is about 20 routers and 8 switches to config . And about 10 routers act as ISP that you can’t login . All the routers and swiches are divided into several area , each area represents a HQ office or remote office . The offices established EBGP to ISP routers to get internet connectivity , and use the MPLS VPN and DMVPN techology to form the connectivity to each other . Just simulated the real world enterprise network . What I faced is basic L2 issues ,  L2 portsecurity , OSPF ,EIGRP ,BGP,OSPFV3 ,MP-BGP-IPV6,Multicast with BSR , MPLS VPN, DMVPN , SSH , ACL , BANNER , netflow .

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