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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 11 May 2016

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 11 May 2016 No ratings yet.

Hi All,

Passed earlier this week, first attempt. . I’m going to offer some advice. May be common sense to some, some may find helpful:

As per the Mclimak one that has been floating around here. Pro tips:

  • You need to approach the exam and think about it logically. Don’t do the questions sequentially. Read the exam, and approach it as if you were building the network from scratch. For example, You cant connect the EIGRP networks in 2 different sites without a DMVPN. You cant bring the DMVPN online without BGP. Have your own methodology.
  • Do everything you can to shave time off a task. For example, say you need to modify something in BGP under an address family, or EIGRP named mode under and address family. It might take you 5 seconds of typing to get to the right config level. Say you need to do it on 8 routers. Get the commands into notepad and paste them in to get to the config level that you need to. You might save 30 seconds. Doesn’t seem like much. Do that over 10 tasks, that is 5 minutes saved. do that consistently, who knows how far ahead you could be. Could be the difference in a few points, could be the difference between pass and fail.

Guys, there is no way to shortcut the basic foundation of knowledge that you need to have, and you should not try to. The theory is what will stay with you. In 3 months, do you think I will be able to configure a DMVPN with crypto from scratch in 2 minutes without looking anything up? I doubt it. But I will not forget the “why” for this technology, nor what each command does once I see them.

Good luck to you all, any questions please post.

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