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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 13 April 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 13 April 2015 No ratings yet.

With the grace of GOD Got my magic number this morning.

Many thanks to cciereallabworkbook.com

1. dhcp – vl 12 was not there (both the switches)
2. ppp – pool on R12, I add network. On R17 – ppp ipcp route default
3. ospf balancing – max-met router-lsa on R5 and passive intetface.
4. eigrp – k value mismatch.
5. bgp- 3 traces were correct only one was not :
6. ipv6 – wrong next hop in route map on R25
7. dmvpn eigrp – 4 points has 2 outputs to match,
output 1 – trace from Server 2 to client at R17.
output 2 – trace from client at R19 to client at R18 with phase 3.
the info that I see are :
1 On R15 have redistribute bgp to eigrp with only default route
2 On R15 have redistribute connected
3 On R17 eigrp with stub connected and summary
4 On R5 int tu 0 have “no ip split-horizon”
5 On R19 have ipcp route default to serial interface, on Lan interface have “summary eigrp”

i could not fix it 🙁 …due to less time (because of this ticket i took 2:30 hr)

8. mpls/bgp/nat – wrong default route, wrong import targets, missing nat outside /inside interfaces, ip opsf cost on R4 and R6,
attrubute map on both R7 and R8, i edit for orgin incomplete at R8 …an all set 🙂
9. dmvpn r24 r7 – nat issue on R23, no nat transversal on R24
10. dns – ip dns server on R23 and change the host file to match the trace (just change Spoke to spoke at R7)

note: 7 and 8 are 4 points, others are 2 points

IPv6 area on interfaces must see in the diagram, for IPv6 on R12 and R14 are on subinterface .6, you can check with sh ipv6 int bri.
On Sw3 use ipv6 gerneral prefix CCIE, and int lo0 set ipv6 ref on CCIE general prefix, you can use sh ipv6 int bri to find ipv6 on lo0 int.

>i could not complete ntp,ipv6 bgp (itried but not worked) and multicast (i tried a lot but due to some cuase not fixed )

console terminal is slow, you must use notepad with copy and paste if you not use this method you can not make all complete in time.

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