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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 14 April 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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Hi All,

Many thanks to cciereallabworkbook for workbook

Just wanted to share my recent experience..

The topology is same as we have been practicing… but,

Around 5-6 Thsoot faults were different.

you never know which fault you may get. so, its better if you practice the topology and understand the packet flow. if not, it may be difficult to pass.

1. wrong def gateway.

2. peer ip address command itself was incorrect. it took 2 mins for me to recollect the exact command.

3. summary configured in ospf. you gotta remove it in order to match the “show ip ospf database” output.

4. dist list configred on R14.

5. wrong ip address in prefix list of R22 to lower the Local PRef towards R3, which was not re-routing 194 subnet to R23.

6. ipv4 peering between R23 and R24 and ipv6 address family enabled. so, the next hop needs to be modified on both R23/R24. there was route-map with incorrect next=hop in R24 but no route-map at all in R23. so, i had to create a route-map.

7. MPLS: no def-originate.. wrong static default route in R7/R8 which was routing the traffic to .124 interface. needed to edit the static route to route it to .125 interface. CEF was preferring R6–R12–R4 path for L2VPN. needed to increase ospf cost in R6-R12 and R4-R12.

8. DMVPN in uber: dont remember.

9. DMVPN in bancobank – it just worked automatically. i guess fixing MPLS fixed it.

10. telnet to NAS worked fine. but, from NAS, the www.cciecloud.com device was outside the NAT(which i didnt expect) after spending some 5-8 mins, i figured the wrong ACL. 


i finished config in 3 hours (i was actually sleepy after the lunch and almost slept – then realized its CCIE exam ) which verifying, i found few silly mistakes like missing router-id, prefix-list not initialized properly (had to clear the bgp session) etc. so, make sure you double check..

even in config, there were minor tweaks  (very minor) like sw1/2 – transparent.. sw3/4 server/client.

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