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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 15 April 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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This is my second attempt. Today I get magic numbernumber thanks to cciereallabworkbook for this workbooks.


1) Int vlan 100 ip address wrong. You have to get the trace and name should change to Server to server1.

2) You have to do telnet from R11 to R17. In R12 not add the dhcp pool.

3) Same question in OSPF. area range cmd was in R3.

4) Prefix-list in R14. and add the metric 0 1 1 1 1 1

5) bgp question trace and not get well. R6 summarized and I remve it. For 194 you have play with MED end routers R21/ R22

6) Many Faults. Mobile IP manually configured. Its ok. R25 not advertise mobil network correctly. R22 there is no route-map NEXT-HOP and we have create it and up bgp. In R22 IPv6 access-list wich deny all TCP and I had added permit tcp any any eq bgp seq 5 . Worked.

7) You have to get trace to server up in R15 and PC connected R18 and R19. R15 there added no split horizon, next-hop-self and ip nhrp redir. R18 wrong ip nhrp map. That’s it.

8) You have to get trace from PC 105 to PC 107 (R9 to R10). and trace Many fault as discussed. I got without as-set and aggregate map. wrong import export. MPLS label break in R6 and R4. Nat config wrong in R7 and R8. ip nat inside missing in R8. bgp vpnv4 no connection between R4 and R6 worked.

9) This is not worked for me. My tunnel stops at IKE state. I have matched both crypto map and also tunnel source changed IP to int e0/0 in R24. not woked and I had only 10 min . So left it

10) As usual. NAS server missing ip-domain and Ip http server. R21 missing ip name-server and ip domain-look. R23 missing ip dns server and DNS resolve in GOOGLE server so that you have to add inside LAN to nat properly. Worked.



I got with vrf all are same.


S1 and s2 transparent and s3 and S4 server client. other are same as discussed with mst.

L 3 technologies.

Ospf with stub router. In AS 34567 you have redistribute default route from both R9 and R11. R 9 prefer exit point. AS 45678 hmac authentication. others are usual. Multicast nothing new it also same. IPv6 configured with name mode. and there is sub interface to up the bgp connection. Question are same

VPN tech

All are same as discussed and nothing new. DMVPN question same .


Banner and Sw port security.

Network services,

Same as discussed. ssh and NAT shell processing full and u have add ntp and ntp authentication both sw3, R10, R12.

I have done lab in 4 hours and got the all out put.

One more time Thanks you cciereallabworkbook

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