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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 16 October2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 16 October2015 No ratings yet.

I finally accomplished this, really happy that I was able to do so. Remember there is no shortcut for getting to this, having all the material we have at our disposal here is more than enough to pass but it has to be used wisely, otherwise there’s no point, in a nutshell make sure you understand what you are doing rather than just memorizing the stuff, if you do not, then you’ll fail. Thanks cciereallabworkbook for workbook

TS Section

I finished the SOLVED tasks in about 1 hr and wasted time trying to resolve 5/8 since I originally skipped them to finish the others. I used Alinux for troubleshooting practice, do not try to memorize this section, try to understand how to resolve each fault and learn the topology, that way regardless what they break you will be able to fix it.

Diag Section
1. Port security – interface for Host 1 was down/down. Select Sw3 and show ip int brief, select Host 1 and ask for mac address
2. R15 – redistribute connected without a route-map. Select R15 and exclude (e0/0) nbma from eigrp
3. URPF – asymetrical routing with strict mode

Config Section
VTP mode transparent

VTP mode server/client
Classic EIGRP
MST Spanning tree

EIGRP with strongest auth which protects again reply attack
it said all peering needed authentication so that also included tu0 for the DMVPN
VRF version

R1 iBGP configuration was blank, R6/R7 were preconfigured
most eBGP was preconfigured for the sites
BGP on R12/13/14 was preconfigured
NTPv4 with auth (NTP was preconfigured on R10/R12/SW3 without authentication)
Multicast with no offset list on R17
shell processing full

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