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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 18 MAY 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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In SW2 on sho inter trunk and found a port is not allowed vlan12, at the port sw trunk all vlan all, so neighbors can SW1 and SW2 up, in line with tracer demand, the other port security, bound MAC, no fall, Then shut, no shut
This problem needs to be noted that the term is more likely to interfere, especially dhcp pool, there are several names like, but do not tangle so much, it is important to find one or two points on the test result was wrong, maybe it pass!

Control r12 The show run | se usr modify the ppp chap host r17

no r22 off on E0 / 3 passive interfaces

Brush K value, and as usual, log stop dancing, definitely worthy of K, then I can not remember which, there is a list of offsets, deny swap, the result.


TS Summary: usually must understand every detail of TS this picture, then we must remember the wrong spot, you can write methods, but this does not prevent you remember the point, the examination of the examination, the study is to learn, not with the usual examination room Like, why put him only as a lesson? Besides tuition is so expensive!

The old version, but must pay attention, to remember clearly all the details, including the port number, hardware solutions do not intend exam, exam time needs and issues are in English! There are e-mail, there are configurations, the problem is there is time to carefully look at it, anyway, I can not! I especially where it failed to find demand, or that sentence, put him as the exam, do not as a practice! Also note that the diagnosis of this section, an assignment can not advance, nor submit button, even I have not seen the countdown! I asked the teacher where done after the submit button, he said, you see that manual, there are answers to all the questions in the manual, I rely on, who look carefully ah, are opening up direct hit, fear of lack of time, it says that if you have not submitted button to refresh the page, I did not come out brush twice submit button, just time to eat, and I ran to the toilet, picking up lunch and came back, I was refreshed, mom egg jump directly CFG part, and I especially What to know or did not hand in hand, before the results I have been worried for this, because there are a couple of days ago because diagnosis zero fiel, and later did not know this part of the submit button, you can not advance assignment.

always use notepad brush, which gives me a lot of convenience, because Notepad without considering delay issue, notepad is local, without any delay, finished configuration, copy and paste, so get the whole process, and I am probably about three out, checking it twice, saved three times. Also usually been using the laptop must adapt to advance a desktop keyboard, Xin loss I mention change, but the exam when I use a Lenovo keyboard, a keyboard is harder than usual, but after all, a desktop keyboard, quickly adapted to almost the same. If I have been using my laptop keyboard switch directly to this keyboard, not think.

To thank cciereallabworkbook.com I wish success to take the number back brothers, sharing experiences, the road is long, hand in hand!

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