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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 19 Marchl 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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March 19 CCIE-RS, today is LAB 1.1 +, TS points are also the usual practice of those. But still some small details and we usually do not practice the same, if the experiment is relatively deep understanding of the topology, then you can still be solved.

1. Direct R101 up to pingR100 is through, no vlan 12 on SW1 and SW2, because vtp been synchronized, the phenomenon can create vlan 12 on a switch. Note that here, and we usually practice a little different, usually yes yes let trace a domain, and the exam is trace an address. Do not panic, do not change the title, but the domain name into the ip address it.

2.ospf load, there is an interface ip ospf cost 1, no out on the R21. the r22, no passive interface e3 / 0. Can the phenomenon. Also worth noting is that R21 and R22 are 29 interconnected masks, network when the wildcard is, the IP address of the interface into the mask and the corresponding declaration of 30. (Topology map IP addresses are 30 planning mask)

3.bgp load, R12 need to open the max-path 2, the r21 did not declare the bgp address Declaration can be.

4.eigrp load on the router manually add four metric weight 0 1 1 1 1 1 eigrp command in the process. On r12 have access-list. deny the swap can be.

5.R11 telnet R17. R17 in order to delete a callout and then add ppp ipcp route default like, other do not change.

6.DMVPN in R15, R17, R18, R19. First, the need to add the hub end and turn off the eigrp ip nhrp redrict split horizon, R17 is normal, R18 and R19 are ip nhrp map / nhs address errors. Changed to correct.

7.nat in nas. NAS devices can get to the correct ip address. Need to do is open the domain lookup and ip dns server on r23. Segment on the joint declaration and the R21 on. 


And the interface vlan vlan division 1) switch, he only had SW1 and SW3 are, SW2 and SW4 are required with their own hands, and his pre-match correct. In addition, all switches require paddled vlan 999 interface with he did not need to draw their own to 999 years and then shutdown, never in the SW1 and SW3 look all to use interface with a good down to do it for granted . 2) you can think of all the ip address interface, lo0 address, subnet interface address, ipv6 address or addresses of the three tunnel0 he gave garnished. However, apart from a R20 of e0 / 0 interface, you need to knock yourself ip add 3) vrf vrf and sub-interface package and divide those tedious sub interface configuration he help you complete, you need to do is direct from bgp neighbors OK. 4) The terms of the underlying IGP without any pre-match 5) BGP are still many aspects of the pre-match, and I set out in detail what

A .AS12345 in, R1, R2, R3 are not the BGP process, you need to create your own. R6, R7 is BGP process, and with the R1 and the ISP BGP ipv4 and vpnv4 neighbors to help you do a good job, but a closer look you will find R6, R7 special What did with bgp router-id, this is the demand clear requirements, we must be careful.

B .AS34567, four routers are already well established and ISP BGP neighbor relationship, but the same router-id and no more than R6, R7 is not yet overly no bgp default ipv4, this is a clear demand requirements, he did not We must be accompanied to the match itself.

C.AS45678 & 65222 no bgp related provisioning, but still a relatively pit point, it may be done with my order related questions. After you have finished configuring AS45678 & 65222, I would habitually brush routing table, see R16,17,18,19 DEX has a default route will continue down with, but when I finished the exam configure discovery R15 are they confiscated to BGP to default. Repeated check front and clear bgp configuration process is useless, even reloadr15 no avail. Finally, I found the original is because R2, R3 have not done and the ISP BGP neighbor, BGP R15 is actually received by the default route redistribution from R20 then by YELLOW R2, R3 pass over, with our usual practice of ISP directly to the default is not the same. So when we saw the R15 did not receive BGP default panic, continuing on the R2, R3 and BGP neighbor up on naturally have a.

BGP R20 on D .AS65112 basically have a good job, fewer points, including: router-id, each of the neighbors have not issued a default, no network and aggregate. 6) there are other points hodgepodge of provisioning, such as tunnel 0 years will be a little configuration, what delay 1000, band 1000, ip mtu 1400, ip tcp ad 1360, ip add 10.18.19.xx looks underlying interface configurations are done Okay, but then again, these are pre-filled with malice, and his aim is to make you want to look at directly with ip nhrp, a band 1000 R18 less practical, a delay 1000 on R19 less.

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