hi all,

time to give feedback to all of you.

TS in the lab.

1. On SW 1, vlan 12 was not in trunk on e2/0. As I found that trunk was allow  1,11-4096. Solved with 3 hops. Also
I change vla 200 on SW1 e1/0 access port as it was in vla 10.  Solved

2. just the default route on R12 was missing in dhcp pool but any how I wont received IPCP ip on R17. I took extra 30 minutes
to cross verify & spend almost 15 min to this tkt. Not Solved

3. ospf with the wrong subnet on R22(/29). Solved

4. eigrp metric mismatch on R11,R13,R14. Solved

5. Set LP on R22, R4 & R6 was configured with metric &
task asked me to trace from R22
to trace   from R21
to trace on R3
to trace on R21
Only was not going as desired path. I just set LP on R22.
For this tkt I took 10 mins.Solved

6. IPv6 nei activate on R25. network advertisement on R25. There was 2 IPV6 add configure on same port, here I confuse
little bit & by mistake
I adv wrong prefix on R25.(2001:CC1E:BEEF:25::1/128 instead of 2001:CC1E:BEEF:25::/64)
Even after that my trace was perfect. So I couldnt sure about this tkt whether it is correct or not.
May be not Resolved

7. DMVPN on R15 IP NHRP redirect command was missing,
R19 Access list was config, I jst add permit esp any host XXXX on R19.
Task asked me trace from PC 111.
trace PC 112 from SERVER2.

8. MPLS, R7 def-ori on ospf, R4 & R6 ip ospf cost on e2/0, R9 def-ori on ospf process.
I asked to trace to from PC 105 with 8 hop & from PC 106 with 10 hop

I dint check for primary & secondary.  I didnt notice the Question whether it asked for Primary & Secondary.

9. just change crypto key to cry key on R24. Solved

10. ADD the domain lookup and IP DNS server on R21 & the domain lookup and IP DNS server on R23. Solved

In my TS lab I found logging console was enable.
Also I notice some IP add was change what we practise but I dont remember exact.


1 On SW3 port status shown down/down

I wont remember tkt 2 & tkt 3 as tkt 3 was new for me.


SW 1 & SW 2 trasp mode SW3 server & Sw4 client.
In my config lab SW2 & SW3 was not configured in access port.
MST as task asked 3 instances

OSPF 12345
R1 stub

EIGRP 34567
classic mode without authentication.

EIGRP 45678
NAME mode with strongest authentication.

BGP 12345
peer group iBGP

BGP 34567

BGP 45678
No IBGP peer
R15 must received default route & other prefix
R16, R17, R18, R19 should received ONLY DEFAULT route.
VRF LOCALSP was preconfigured.

MPLS on domain 12345

Multicast run on domain 45678

IPV6 run on domain 34567

IP services
R20 nat
R17 Shell process
SSH from R10
NTP on SW3, R10 & R12

Only IPV6 task was not perform at my lab & I skipped NTP task.
Else my tunnel on R17, R18, R19 was perfect & I run crypto as well. I didnt had any issue for tunnel as there was nothing
I jst copy TP tunnel & TP crypto configuration & later modify as per task & paste in config.
In my lab R20, R6, R7 was preconfigured with BGP & Also R8,R9,R10 & R11 was preconfigured with ebgp.
In my config lab logging console was enable.

Notepad was very helpful for me.

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 19 October 2016