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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 20 February 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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Hi  Friends,Took the lab y’day. got result this morning.. Heartbreaking to say that I passed all 3 sections but failed to meet minimum cutscore requirement.Herewith the feedback on the exam.General observation:1.All that has been from this site;
2. The interface at exam is slow  those used to work on real devices, will find it annoying..
3.Important to verify the config on devices, reason-1 as quite few sections have preconfigured, this will reduce lot of time & reason2 -few misconfigurations
4.Try to club sections together -for example..ospf/bgp/mpls in AS12345 can be grouped
5. SAVE very often, Had a bit interuptions while sessions hanged for all users… proctors re-set it and  had to re-login all devices again, they gave only 10min as compensation..Troubleshooting ( I took 2.30 H)
Same as what have been discussed here, I used Guru’s WB.
It could have been completed in 1.30 hr but,I took 2.30 min, Q5 and Q8 took 15min each,
and i did something wrong in Q7, which took a lot of time in end.

Diagnostic ( 0.30m )

Same as.
But if you were to read all the logs/config and lots of input provided, 10min per Q may be just right.
But that we have read this, was able to complete in 10min, then took a break.

1. One user cannot access the network after the switch was replaced-
a) Identify the device & command to issue  ( Sw-3; Sh runn int eth x/y)
B) Confirm — ( Get MAC on Sw 3 int x/y)
2. Unicast RPF
a) Arrange the sequence that explain the events (8 tabs)
B) Specify the cause ( uRPF)

3. DMVPN has Eigrp flapping
a) identify the Device causing problem ( HUb)
B) Specify the resolution ( Remove NBMA from Eigrp)

Config ( I took 4.30 H + 0.30m for verifying)
All Questions same as mentioned
Section 1: vlans & interfaces were preconfigured in two switches, just need to verify; PVST; rest all the same
Section 2/3: as you know, lot of dependencies, tried to do  sections together
2.1/2  OSPF in AS12345; EIGRP in 34567 same as mentioned in forum
2.3 -Eigrp 64bit in AS45678- no authentication.
2.4 – Eigrp in AS65222 – Stub?
( 15m +lunch + 45m )

Then i did 3.1/3.2 along with 2.5/2.6/2.7/2.8
2.5: BGP in AS 12345 make R1 as RR, specify peergroup as iBGP
2.6: BGP in AS 34567 ; 2.7 BGP in AS 45678/65222 ; 2.8 BGP Policies
3.1: MPLS core ; 3.2 MPLS PE
3.3: DMVPN; 3.4: DMVPN Encryption
(1H 45m inc verify)at this point, I verified all sections and did get the desired output.

2.10/9 – IPv6 BGP/OSPFv3 — Loopback ipv6 wrongly specified in R12/14
2.11 – Multicast
Section 4/5 :same as mentioned; Got  required output in all
( LAB.1.1 and had about 25 min for final verification.)

only while verifying i noticed that the question 2.4 says R17 should not probe R18/19 in case routes become active —
EIGRP stub? while trying to re-configuring this i suspect I messed up something in AS45678/65222

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