Ticket 1 : sw1 had port-security and sticky mac address, i changed the mac-address

Ticket 2 : R17 didnt get the ip address, username and password were true but dhcp pool configuration on R12 was faulty

Ticket 3 : there was area range command i changed it with area range

Ticket 4 : distribute-list deny R14 loopback

Ticket 5 : BGP question was almost same

Ticket 6 : there was ipv6 filter-list and question was state that you shouldnt change traffic filter, R25 did not have route-map, i created route-map NH and defined next-hop address

Ticket 7 : R19 could not establish eigrp neighborship with R15, changed ip nhrp map multicast address

Ticket 8 : this question was different, i almost spend 30 minutes with this, topology etc. same but, i did not reache the subnet which is connected to the R10,
on R8 i have applied “neighbor default-originate route-map MED” command, i lost many time with this question but i solved it.

Ticket 9 : it was working, i didnt change anything

Ticket 10 : nat access-list was access-list 10 permit host , i changed it with access-list 10 permit

Diag section almost same, as usual i didnt solve the urpf question, i got vtp and dmvpn question

Configuration section was almost same loopback address of SW3/4 was different, in stp question, it states you should use stp which has only 3 instances, i used mstp

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 20 October 2016