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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 21 November 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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1: PPP–>Encap FR on R17, removed it and change to PPP and configured authentication username
and password on R17 using ppp authentication chap hostname and password and generated a
default route using ppp ipcp route default.
2: EIGRP–>Filtering was placed in the EIGRP process using ACL, put a permit any statement
and fixed. Metric weight was already applied.

9: DMVPN: I dont remember what i did to fix this.
10: NAS: NAS server was picking wrong ip address, changed the client identifier by changing the command from ip address dhcp to
ip address dhcp client-id eth0/0 hostname NAS and tested the same. Resolved
1. interface down down, port security, selected device SW3 and asked for host 1 mac address.
2. DMVPN, mid chain error, redistribute connected on R15; however route-map not configured.
3. BGP policy
I got VRF version, Sw1 and Sw2 in transparent and Sw3 and SW4 in server client
R6 and R7 was pre configured for respective VRF BGP neighborship and rest was same.

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