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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 21 September 2015

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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 21 September 2015 No ratings yet.

  1. Thank god I passed!

TS1 – Missing vlan 12 on trunk
TS2 – Missing username/password on PPP server
TS3 – Passive interface stopping full adj. Make sure your metrics & cost match req.
TS4 – Passive interface, offset list, AND mismatch k-values.
TS5 – Only one trace didn’t match. Know BGP path manipulation with MED and you’re good.
TS6 – Restriction said don’t mess with ACL on R22. Skipped cus convergence was taking awhile.
TS7 – One spoke had incorrect NHS. Another spoke had referenced incorrect DMVPN profile. An ACL blocked encryption on last spoke. Hub was injecting NBMA interface, denied it.
TS8 – Wasn’t get the exact paths they wanted so skipped cus I figured it would take longer.
TS9 – Phase One address incorrect. Just changed to Be careful with this ticket and #8 because when you test failover scenario per request, it will affect your Hub Tunnel on R7. Bring it back up before moving on!
TS10 – Telnet to NAS was already working, just had to enable domain-lookup and add host records so it could ping www.cciecloud.net.
TS6 – Came back to this and solved. IPv6 addy not activated and R25 LAN segment not advertised correctly.

D1 – VTP rev # issue, asked for password
D2 – R16 had an incorrect subnet mask, increased it.
D3 – Looked like a uRPF strict issue to me. Did my best putting the traffic flow in order. Don’t know if I was 100% right, but I finished it cus I solved the others quickly.

Config – MST with VRF. Make sure to FULLY read the requirements! Take the time and do it. You need at least an hour to verify connectivity and fix issues cus there will be some. I almost guarantee it. Understand the wording and technologies. I was asked to run EIGRP with authentication that stops anti replay (hint, named mode) but only for 3 routers and 2 switches. You can save time by saying af-interface default then authen mode hmac password instead of doing interface by interface.

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