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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 22 July 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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Tshoot Section

TK1. No ticket

TK2. R17 need default route, and verification is R11 need to telnet R17’s Serial interface ip

TK3. Remove max-metric in R5

TK4. Add metric weight 0 1 1 1 1 1 for R11~R14, but the R12 have bandwidth 1000, I didn’t remove it ,
I just modify it to match the original interface bandwidth (10000)

TK5. Just was not working, then i found that the R21 have route-map , once match ip prefix-list then set LP 101, so i just add a prefix before

TK6. Wrong next hop address on R25 route-map

TK7. nhrp issue at R18 & R19 , sorry about that , i don’t remember the detail , but there is no special point

TK8. The requirement is R7 is HQ first choice for outbound traffic then second is R8, but actually it didn’t say spork need do that either.

D2. DMVPN mid chain problem, R15 is hub, R17&R18&R19 is Spork. R16 didn’t join dmvpn domain, but R16 &R15 is IGP neighbor, the ip address information EXAMPLE is bellow:

Device/NBMA ip tunnel ip
R15/ X.X.X.8/30 Y.Y.Y.1/24
R16/ X.X.X.14/29 n/a
R17/ X.X.X.9/30 Y.Y.Y.17/24
R18/ X.X.X.10/30 Y.Y.Y.18/24
R19/ X.X.X.11/30 Y.Y.Y.19/24

so, the R16 netmask is cover R15, then R15 will learning the prefix that is cover the nbma ip address.

Q1. which device need to correct? Ans:R16
Q2. what the problem in this device? Ans:increase netmask
D3. uRPF problem, it’s really killer, when i finished D1&D2, i had 15 mins left, but the information really really too much, i think i need more then 30 mins to read
When i finished diag uRPF section , I really very panic and lose my mind, because i knew that , i will failed in this section.
but lunch time, i rebuild my confidence and complete the config section. Thank goodness , I didn’t give up in the middle.
this story tell us , if you really have no time to resolve uRPF problem, you still have chance to complete that, never give up.
Finally , I would like to thanks cciereallabworkbook.

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