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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 23 April 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 23 April 2015 No ratings yet.

Finally after much awaited and failing in v4 finally i made in v5

I really want to Thank this forum as am associated with it from last 4 years now and being CCIE in other track and now R&S is a dream come true . I had given a few attempts to get this

Now the Feed Back


1 Switch 2 int e1/0 was in err dis mode did shut no shut and changed the subnet mask in R8
2 ppp ipcp route default in R17 and in R12 default router in pool
3 Ospf wrong subnet mask in R21 interface connecting R22 ALso when i did sh ip ospf data verification the 2nd was coming with subnet mask after this change it was okay
4 Eigrp route metric and accesslist 20 in R13 sorry prefix-list in R13 changesd the deny option to permit and it worked
5 Bgp R22 nexthopself in R22
6 Ipv6 the network was advetised with 128 changed to 64
7 Dmvpn strange for me as there was only 1 error r 19 Uber mark spelling but in the tracert it was asking to have 4 hop counts but it was going to Hub before the spoke i added no ip split-horizon even than it was going so i thgt the verificationw as not matching
8 Mpls i did everything in this r4 r6 ip ospf cost R7 R* advertised 124 network put default originate did natting right
9 Crypto mode tunner and esp mode hmac in R24
10 R24 secondary ip address in e0/0


I completed my lab in less than 3 hours However i will brief imp points

Layer 2 Sw 1 Sw2 transparent sw3 and sw 4 server client and mac address configured in sw 3 and sw4 for 3 hours

Sw1 Sw4 vlan config done Sw2 Sw 3 need to be done

int e3/0-3 shut down for all switches whcile sw1/0-3 for sw3 -sw4

watch out for loopback ip address sw 3 and sw4 and the dmvpn tunnel ip address was 10 network

the rack id is 123 for all racks

ipv6 has 1.6 interface facing the isp and e0/0 inside which thy are asking to pint from 14.1

i did this by advertising both he networks

for vrf R6 and R7was configured i confugred R2 and R3 completely R12 and R13 and R14 only gave reditribute connected and ipv6 commands

I want to say that please dont worry abut the Diag and give up on lab Ts it is achievable if you see the email logs and console logs you can get an idea of the answer if not the exact answer however not all questions in diag changes may be they change the interfaces

So just understand the way of doing it so that if they change the interfaces you can easily figure it out

I thank cciereallabworkbook.com for workbook



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