exam still the same discussed all here..

here is mine:
ticket#1 : vlan 12 was missing sw1 created…solved

ticket2# ppp chap callout – on R17 ..removed solved

Tck3# passive int on R22.. then notice tiny mismatch on output ..metric 19 and Metric 20…checked R21 and remove cost on e2/0…matched resolved

tckt4# metric 0 1 1 1 1 1 delay 100, distribute list ..removed on int R13.. solved

Ticket#5 : all traces ok,, except unable to ping… aggr network missing on R6.. added adjust route-map…solved

ticket#6 : tricky lan network adv on two different subnet..::/128 and ::/64 removed wrong one but was the issue.. next-hop on R22 was wrong pointing ::13 changed to ::17
ping works…resolved

ticket7# dmvpn spent some time R19 going 5 hops then figure i need no splithorizon on hub seen as desired solvd

tckt8: spent some time on this one multiple fault .. nat, def originate on R7 & R8 …still not working though mpls ldp ping mpls ipv4 <lo_ip>/32 source <Lo0 IP> ok.. found bgp nei not formed on 6 &5 fixed and did not test failover..

Tck9: just crypto group and mode transport …works

tckt 10: ip dom lookup, enable http, remove manual mac on NAS , ip name svr..solved

untill now cruising then diag killer..
sw3 int up/up ..sh vtp domain….
R16 …increase to /30
donot ask me the last question .. alot of material to read…so confusing it mentioned load-balancing but have not seen drag drop options before..


config…vrf..eigrp normal mode with strong auth..my question it does not ask explicitly named mode then it normal right? it says eigrp as 45678..
mpls vpn bgp ..R2,3,1 not configured…R20  bgp half config…R6 & R7 configured..use notepad and peer-group work faster..if not you will never finish..
IPV6, ssh, shell, multicast…all discused here..my mistake did not test all ping test .. few worked and i assume all fine..

question for the group.. if it asks “don’t” adv global vrf with tunnel preconfigured…
ip vrf forwarding vrf LOCALSP
should i remove and use tunnel vrf LOCALSP instead..
please explain to me..

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 24 October 2016