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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 25 August 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 25 August 2015 No ratings yet.

hi friends, passed the lab on 7th. result was very fast. go result as soon as i reached hotel….! amazingly fast cisco…!

1) vlan 12 was not allowed on the trunk link. so added the vlan 12 on sw2’s trunk link to match the traceroute output.
2) ppp hostname issue. Rectified it to match with username on R12
3) passive interface default was configuerd in R21. you know it very well what to next to load balance the traffic for network.
4) R12 had a offset list configured. just denied the from the list and got the required output.
5) trace to was going to R4 and R6 both. the question demanded this traffic to go via R6. just manipulate the route-map on R6 or R4 and get the result. rest all the three trace was matching.
6) R25 was not advertising its IPv6 lan network. genera-prefix was configured on e0/0 of R25. found out the exact IPv6 add with “show ipv6 interface brief” and advertised it in bgp and got the trace.

got the config with vrf. all the things remain the same. R20 was half configured with bgp. R2 and R3 had no bgp config preconfigured. had to do it from scratch. need to add weight on R20 neighbors to match the traceroute required in the question.

above each section, they have written in bold letters to use the smartest way to configure the lab and shorten you typing. made full use of notepad…!!!
had it with done in 2 hr…waoo….revised the lab twice…question by question and line by line…this is very important…i corrected few little stuffs in the second do…!!!

All the best my friends for the lab…

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