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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 26 March 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 26 March 2015 No ratings yet.

Failed on my first attempt yesterday, just received report this morning. Here is what I experienced:
DIAG–PASS  spent less than 15 minutes
CONFIG–PASS spent 3 hours (i finished two hours earlier)
TSHOOT–FAIL spent 2,5 hours

Ticket-1 # Issue of DHCP- Vlans were correctly configured, I change host ID in DHCP pool with mac of the host, I’m not sure if i had to use that MAC and configure port on host instead.

Ticket-2 # R12-R17 CHAP  – R12 was having ipcp, R17 missing ipcp, ppp authen chap, dont remember what else. Check R13 and R19 for reference (just replicate what you see on these routers, check ppp hostnames)

Ticket-3 # OSPF Load Balancing – R5 having max-metric router-lsa and bad mask on R21 port facing R22, was 30 had to be 29
Ticket-4 # EIGRP Load Balance – R13 having distribute list blocking route and metric weight needed to be changed to 0 1 1 1 1 1 to get 1703

interface by route-map and all all other interface to redistribute to stop recursive routing.
Question clearly ask for spoke to spoke traffic without HUB, so added  “ip nh redirect” on R15 and R17/18/19 ” ip nh shortcut ”
There was an ACL on R19 which allows only GRE and ISAK, so i  added “permit ip any any”

Ticket-8 # MPLS-VRF Ping and Trace – Don’t remember much, but VRFs were correct, i did not have much time left to troubleshoot this one

Ticket-9 # DMVPN R24-R7. Crypto ipsec transformation set was wrong and mode, just deleted on R7 and copied from R24, i believe there was NAT issue, no esp NAT, i was doing that ticket during last 10 min.

Ticket-10 # NAS server Ping and telnet – Enabled “ip domain lookup”  and “ip http server” on NAS and ” ip dns server” on R23. R24 secondary IP.
For telnet, R23 was having wrong NAT statement, changed port 80 to 23. No time to test.

DIAG – same as workbook .

LAB –  Change in Loopback interface IP’s for Switches ( etc), BGP peer-group iBGP, VRF, Authentication on EIGRP, SHELL, R18-19 EIGRP stub, NTP authentication and had to tweek 15.1 with weight 100 on R20 to match output.

This is as much as i remember so far.

I was stressed so bad during TSHOOT, so i could not eat at all during lunch time, only water. I spoke with other candidates during lunch, they all said that RS is the most complicated test regarding score, different CCIE labs are calculated 80% of everything. In RS you have to get 80% in every section. So there was a person who failed twice on RS and then decided to switch to DC and he/she passed this time, that person also said that many people fail because of TSHOOT. Another person said for TSHOOT you have to know answers to complete it in time or you wont have enough time to complete it.

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