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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 26 November 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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This is my feedback , after long journey been studying the technology for 6years on and off , for the last 9 months studying every day straight , i use narbik ,cisco 360 and whats shared on this forum

i will like to thank cciereallabworkbook

1 wrong vlan in switch 2 for host

i finished all tickets in 2hrs and i used extra 30 mins to double check my work and prepare my self for the config

i will say dhcp snooping works in the exam beause it was enable on sw1 for vlan 100 and 200 , it just to throw u off

same as discuss here
port security
redistributed connected on r15
asysmetric routing

rtp with vrf
eigrp with strongest auth on r15 ,r16 r17 ( 64bit mode ) sw5 and sw 6

r20 was partially configured , i had to configure r2 and r3 from scratch
r16, r17,r18,r19 vrf already created

tunnel crypto need to use keyring

i did not use macmillan notes for my key ring config i used cisco tech notes

no need for vrf export config just over config cause eigrp is already prefered
once again the requirement did not say anything like as long as one is prefered

ntp authenication ( ntp already configured )


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