Hi all,

I just wanted to give some feedback from my exam. Thanks to all those who helped me throughout my journey to becoming a CCIE. After I found this forum, my knowledge really kicked up a notch along with using other resources .

TS Section
1. – no vlan 12 on trunk, fixed with adding vlan 12 to trunk
2. – Added ppp direction callin on R17 s4/0
3. – passive int on r5 so I removed, ip ospf cost on e2/0 on r22 so I removed
4. – Set metric weights to 0 1 1 1 1 1, passive on R12 to R14 so I removed
5. – Added Max paths to R12 BGP config
6. – Fixed R22 route-map for IPv6 NH. Was using wrong IPv6 address.
7. – Wrong ip map overlay to underlay ip, ip map multicast had wrong address and ip nhrp nhs had wrong address
8. – Missing ip nat in and ip nat out on interfaces on R7 and R8, added route-map MED on default-originate and BGP peering from R5 to R9 was not up, interface on R9 was admin shut off
9. – Missing nat statement on R23 so I added ip nat inside source list 192 interface s4/0 overload
10. – ip dns server added on R23 as it was missing

Diag Section
1. Port security – interface for Host 1 was down/down. Select Sw3 and show ip int brief, select Host 1 and ask for mac address
2. R15 – redistribute connected without a route-map. Select R15 and exclude nbma from eigrp
3. URPF – asymetrical routing with strict mode

Config Section
VTP mode transparent

VTP mode server/client
Classic EIGRP
MST Spanning tree

EIGRP with strongest auth which protects again reply attack
VRF version

NTPv4 with auth
Multicast with no offset list on R17
shell processing full
no ip flow

Thanks all

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 26 October 2016