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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 27 April 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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Finally pass , thanks cciereallabworkbook for workbook


Vlan 12 are not allowed on between SW2, SW2 and SW1 are four interfaces trunk is connected, E0 / 0-3, E0 / 0 on leaked vlan 12, #swi trunk allow vlan add 12.

There is a small episode, I come #show on PC101 ipintbri, E0 / no IP on 0, method is DHCP, thinking the wrong spot on the DHCP, spent a few minutes watching carefully read the PC101, R7, R8 of dhcp configuration, we did not find any problems, come back to knock #show ipintbri, found that IP, it is estimated the system has just been started, IP will take time to obtain.

Username R12 on and ppp chap hostname R17 inconsistent.

No no passive and R5 on the interface R22, causing the neighbor did not build up.

R11, R12, R14 on no metric weight xxx

There are offset list at R12 EIGRP process, the phenomenon of two routes delay time is not the same, one is 7000 microseconds, one is 70xx microseconds.No out to offset list

BGP LOAD Balance


No ip domain-lookup and ip name server on the NAS

No enable dns on R23: ip dns server


cciereallabworkbook workbook is basically the same some details to note, for instance vrf R16 is not equipped. There are two sub-interface IP R20 is not the same, is 10.1.20.xxx, without declaring into BGP, because the R20 has done a summary, these two interfaces should knock ip nat inside. Trace route to is to take the R3, this mandatory. Also a map, is R12 trace to R18, R19 of E0 / 0 interface and go R2, not mandatory, and the figure path, but I have done the weight configured to meet this requirement. Is not it a bit superfluous?

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