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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 27 February 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 27 February 2015 No ratings yet.

This is my 3rd attempt for CCIE R&S and I finnaly made it!!

First of all, I can confirm the RS5.0 Lab exam is not changed yet (I got the config with R16,17,18,19 in VRF) — at least in Behi######.

TS didn’t give any surprise. If anyone is interested in each question details, please note and I can provide the info as much as I can remember. (Update:  posted per requested, in #10)

Say something about the time control.  Since it’s my 2nd time to take this config ( I met this in Sep.3rd, seems to be one of the first to see this config in the world ), it took me 3h15min to finish it.  It’s already quite long because usually I can finish the configure within 2 hours in previous practices.  The key to be quick is to get used of “sh run | se xxx” and edit in notepad.  In lab exam, “do sh hist” is NOT available on routers — you still have it in switches.

Below are some sections are stronly recommended to copy and paste:
1)  EIGRP config of R8, R9, R10, R11, SW3, SW4
2)  EIGRP config of R15, R16, R17, SW5, SW6
3)  Tunnel 0 configure of R18, R19.  And R17 is also similar.
4)  “sh run | se crypto” of R17, R18, R19


Use “up” arrow key for quick editing:
1) VRF configure in R20, R2(copy and edit for R3), R6  (copy and edit for R7), R8
2) L2 access port vlan config in switch;  Use “int range e0/0-3, e1/0-3; sw mo ac” first on SW1 & SW2.  Use “do sh cdp nei” for quick wiring info

There are also other places can save time by some practice.  While if you can use the hints above, 3h should be enough for practice.  In lab exam, you have to pay more time for reading & checking each questions.

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