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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 27 March 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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Just passed CCIE R&S lab exam. Everything is the same. I summary my question below:

1. I have a large PC with 2 IE icon in desktop: 1 for lab exam and other for electric doc (i have not used it). The first i have to register my ID when access IE for lab. And then i face the first section ; TSHOOT. I have a fullscreen with multi tab:
The first tab for TOPOLOGY and question
The second one for ALL QUESTION

TOPO is very beautiful and i like it
After read full question and GUIDELINE, i click on router to get CLI, and it s so slow.
T1: Requirement: PC101 ping
when i show cdp nei on SW2: OMG, i cant see PC101 –> bug: switchport port-secur mac ….. and on R8-: client-id is wrong
NOTE: MACadd is different to MACadd in CPSIOU

T2: R11 ping R17
R17 had ip add but not S* route –> add PPP IPCP route default  (very simple)

T3: loadbalancing OSPF:
R1 cant receive route .48 from R3 and R3 is the same with R21
wrong subnetmask of R22 (sub that connects to R21)

T4: loadbanlancing EIGRP and alter metric
metric weight…. and alter distribute list on R13
Here i have distribute list 100 out e0/1 (connect to R11)
access-list 100 deny and you have to permit it

many trace command from R12 but only one is wrong
bug is very simple: R22 miss next-hop-se

R25 is wrong when advertising its LAN net –> correct network (/128 —> /64)


wrong in ipsec transform set parameter

secondary ip add in R24

I have done my TS in 1h30′ and every test is ok. But i want to check it again so i have to lost more 15′ –> total 1h45′ for TS
NOTE: wr config when finish
Everything is perfect. So i click finish section TAB and go to next section; DIAGNOSTIC

03/29/2015 CONTINUE with 2nd Section:

After i click on Finish section TAB and switch in DIAGNOSTIC section:
Fullscreen is TOPO of Q1 of DIAG section.
I have 2 topo in screen. IN the left, you can see 3 tab for 3 question of this section and time count down (30 min). In the main screen, you can see content of question: It said that there are some human complain about your net while other can use internet as usual. you are responsible for this problem. You have some infor list below, let help him….
And below you can see 2 TOPO; 1 for LAN (have some router and some switch. You have to focus to 2 access switch and one of them is SW3 is connecting to PC( SW3(e0/0)—CONNECT—(e0/1)PC)))
And the second TOPO is WAN topo (u dont need focus it)
Below you can see some tab
1. Mail of human
2. Log file
3. Config file
…(i dont remember but it s not important)
YOU CAN CLICK TAB to see information…

Below is ANSWER for your choice:
a. what you have to do with what device:
there are 2 tab you can click:
1. when you click there are some answer with some device (R1, R2, R3, SW3, SW4….) AND YOU HAVE CLICK SW3
2. when you click there are some command line and you have click SHOW IP INTERFACE BR…

you see other question of Q1:
What you have to do next:
and ONE tab for your click:
You CLICK and SEE some instance. YOU HAVE TO CLICK: ask MAC add of E0/1 of PC1

DONE QUESTION 1 of DIAGNOSTIC section. You move mouse on the left and click Q2

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