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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 28 April 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 28 April 2015 No ratings yet.

Hi Everyone,
I pass the exam today and my sincere thanks to cciereallabworkbook.com. I got 3 new diagnostics, lab with vrf (1.3) and missed version of TS1.0-6.
DIAG 1 – Exactly as in workbook Update PDF in the bottom of this post.
DIAG 2 – Exactly as in update, its DMVPN 5 devices and NBMA advertisement was causing tunnel to flap, its very tricky to find the problem.
DIAG 3 – URPF Strict Mode with RFC1918 ACL on R3 and Loose Mode with RFC1918 on R1, 15 D&D options total and we have to select 8, last part is to select the cause related to problem.
It was also spot on as per workbook  update, read about uRPF and to practice it here you go with exact topology R1 E1/0 —-connects to R2 E2/0, R1 E2/0 —-connects to R3 E2/0, R2 E1/0 —-connects to R3 E1/0.
R1 is CPE with hosts behind it, R2 and R3 are ISP routers, ping from hosts to and Ping to fails from Host 2, all other works fine.

Lab has preconfiiguration changes like cef disabled, mpls label propagation disabled, wrong network advertised in vrfs.



7) r17 and 18 dmvpn were up, on r19 had to change the nhrp authentication key and add ip nhrp shortcut

8) r7 and r8 were missing neigbhbor relationships for 123.
nat was wrongly configured
nat oustide was missing went fine

9) wrong isakmp key on hub

10) wrong nat outside port no…8080 instead of 8008…changed it and it worked
also r23 had as secondary address so this prevented nas fom using it

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