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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 30 July 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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Issue: Host (client) not receiving ip address. Host configured with manual MAC address, VLAN 12 not created in switch ( int vlan 12 down/down).
Solution: Change the client identifier in DHCP server, create vlan 12 in Switch 2
Issue: DHCP pool is not created R12, IPCP route default is not present in R17.
Solution: create DHCP pool in R12 and IPCP route default in R17 serial interface configuration.
Issue: R5 is advertising with maximum metric, OSPF cost 1 is configured in R21 and some other cost is configured in R22.
Solution: Remove max-metric router-lsa in R5, remove OSPF cost command in corresponding routers.

Issue: R7 and R8 does not originate default route in for neighbour R8 does not have route-map MED
R3 not advertising network
VRF import export is not properly configured.
VRF forwarding is not present on R5’s E0/1 facing to R9.
Solution: Give default originate in R7 & R8 for neighbour Create route map MED in R8 with higher metric and apply in R8 for neighbour “ neigh default-originate route-map MED”
Advertise network in R3
R3 & R4 should import route targets exported by R5 & R6. Where R5 & R6 should import only route target exported by R3 R4 ( 65100:100)
Configure VRF in R5’s interface.
R5(conf)# int e0/1
R5(conf-if)# ip VRF forwarding BancoBank
Make sure that you have pre configuration of R5’s E0/1 interface by providing # sh run int e0/1
ISSUE: NAT statement is wrong (NAT outside). DMVPN mapping is wrong
Solution: Correct NAT statement in R23.( ip nat inside source list 172 int se 4/0 overload ).
Check for correct DMVPN mapping.
If the DMVPN doesn’t come up. Just shutdown tunnel interface in both hub and spoke and give no shut at same tme.
Issue: ip domain lookup is disabled on R21. R23 e0/0 interface is configured with secondary ip address
Solution: enable ip domain lookup in R21. Remove secondary ip address from R23 E0/0 in terface, so that NAS get proper IP address from DHCP server without any address conflicts.

Switching – Wrong VTP password SW3,
Check SW3 configuration output. Sw3 does not have any vlan,where VTP server SW1 have many Vlan. So select SW3, issue command # sh vtp status. Ask for VTP password.
DMVPN – Midchain error.
Check EIGRP configuration in R15, it contains redistribute connected route-map CONNECTED, which denies E0/0 of R15. So the issue exist with R16, go to R16 configuration and check interface configuration E0/0 of R16 have /29 subnet mask and in eigrp it redistribute connected routes.
Sol : Click on R16. Increase the subnet length of R16 from /29 to /30
This question is new and very confusing. uRPF loose mode is configured in R1, where uRPF strict mode is configured in R2. R1 can able to ping but not able to ping,
Solution: Part 1, drag and drop 8 steps. I am not sure about this part.
Part 2: traffic drop due to “uRPF strict mode- with load share per destination.

Most of things are same as we practised. Read question carefully wordings will be different.
In R16, R17, R 18, R19 instead of specifying VRF in question they stated all four routers must maintain separate BGP instance.
Regarding IPV6 there is small change. In SW3 and SW4 loopbacks IPV6 general prefix is configured, we have to give specific prefix. I didn’t do this because loopbacks of SW3 and SW4 matters only in NTP session.
In R12 and R14 there are two sub interfaces. E0/1.4 and E0/1.6 where IPV4 address is configured in E0/0.4 and IPV6 address is configured on E0/0.6.
Rest everything is same. Save your congigurtion often and in beginning of exam give these following command for backup purpose

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