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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 31 January 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 31 January 2015 No ratings yet.

Hi… Guys… I passed CCIE recently…Here after my feedback:ticket 1 — switching – In Sw2..vlan 10 was configured instead of 100.

ticket 2 —PPP CHAP —    R17 — ppp ipcp route default was missing

ticket 3 – OSPF —-    R5 — max-metric router-lsa

ticket 4 — EIGRP — R12..there is bandwidth 1000 in one interface…and metric weight should be 0 1 1 1 1 1

ticket 5 BGP —- i din get the right trace.. i played a lot with the local-preference and MED but still didn get

ticket 6 – IPV6 — R25.. the next-hop was configured with wrong ipv6 address.

ticket 7 —- DMVPN — R15 — redistribut connected is there.. that has to be denied with the help of route-map… and ip nhrp redirect was missing…. R18 and R19 ….ip nhrp shortcut was also missing….

ticket 8 —- MPLS — R7 was missing nat statement in interface and also default-info-originate to 123.x.x.x was missing…R8 also ip nat statement was missing in one interface…. R9 and R10.. in default-information-originate (always – keyword was missing)

ticket 9 — DMVPN — in 24…int tunnel 10 —- tunnel source physical ip add… changed it to tunnel source e0/0  and enabled crypto nat-transparency.

ticket 10 — NAS —-   in NAS roter … ip name-server was missing….

DIAG — it was same the one discussed over here…

1. mac-address coded issue
2. in HUB router ..redistribute connected configured was the issue.
3. drag and drop .. 8 options.


LAB 1.0 …. without vrf….

spend some time in L2 section… and carefully configure the vlans and ports….before lunch break just completed till EIGRP… after break i started with BGP …..there wasn’t much changes… just be careful with the ip address…esp loopback…
Multicasting, DMVPN, MPLS and Natting all worked well …. i just left NTP… no use… just 1 point….

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