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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 6 November 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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Finally I achieved my Dream with help of All mighty Creator.and prayers of my *** and my two little kids and my wife who are always patience during this journey.
And I thanks to cciereallabworkbook and others who are always helps which leads me to complete my journey.

MY Journey started on Oct- 2013 and ended on Sept Last week this is my 2nd attempt which is first CCIE number in my career of 10 years of experience in networking.—

Preparation materials – Class Training / INE videos / Narbik workbook.

I will start my next preparation in CCIE-DC.


1) VTP
2) EIGRP – DMVPN – R16 and increase subnet length.
3) URPF- Strict mode with load balnaced perdestination

R1– is in LOse mode
R2/R3– Strict mode.

Read the carefully Question and check qucikely configs of R1/R2/R3.

CONFIG —- Is same as workbook…


AS -12345

SW1/SW2= transpernent


SW3- Server
SW4- client
Classic mode eigrp
enable ipv6 unicast-routing / ipv6 cef -on all of BGP-IPV6 and ospfv3 configs. section.( 2.9/2.10)

AS 45678
Strongest AUTH and with VR
multicast no changes.


My suggestion is to read the Question carefully in exam, and practice well so that you will finish your lab 1 hour early to cross verify all your conigs and results .

MY Startegey for the config part is same as one of our friend in this fourm explained clearly.


First – All of Section -1
Section -4
Section -5

B) AS 12345

Section 2.1 , 3.1 , 2.5 ,3.2

AS 65111 – BGP and IPV6 on R12/R14

c) AS 34567

Section 2.2 / 2.6/2.9/2.10

d) AS 45678

Section — 2.3/2.4/ 2.7/ and 3.3 / 2.11 / 3.4 / and Finally go for Section 2.8 BGP filtering.

This plan works very well if you practice hard.
Best of Luck all of you..

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