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CCIE R&S v5 Exam Review on 8 November 2015

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

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I’d like to thank you to cciereallabworkbook. It’s been a very helpful.And now, it’s time to give back. First I’d like to mention that it’s my second attempt, my first was a
v4 exam with davestating loss, passing the conf part and failing TS by a very close point. Below are some details
about the exam.


Diag 1 a)interface is down, port security issue.
😎 the second part of the question,I saw a lot of comments like choose switch 3 and ask for mac-address
but the wording on the question was like “what information would you request from the help-desk to confirm
your suspission?” and i choose host1 and mac address of the interface on the host.

2) a) Problem was on R15
😎 excluded the eth 0/0 interface from R15(hub).

3)configuration was loose mode on both interfaces of R1 connecting to R2 and R3. interface connecting to R2 also has
an ACL on incoming direction. you need to read the configuration as path manipulation was configured using route-maps
to change LP. at the end, it was due to an access-list.

Config: pretty much the same as we see here on the threads.
-VRF version.
-Authentication for EIGRP on AS 45678 excluding R18 &R19.
-SW1&SW2 vtp version should be saved to startup-config. Nothing too magical about this,
they’re just saying vlans should be seen in the running config, which you can do this only in Transparent mode.
-MST version and saying there should be three instances, still nothing magical, you just need two instances for odd and even vlans, there is instance 0 default for the rest of the vlans.
I saw a lot of people spending a lot of time on L2 part, to configure all those ports access vlans.
it literally took me 10 minutes on that part. What i did was on all four switches run ‘show cdp neighbor detail | in IP address|Interface’
very helpful command. it will show interface and the ip address of the neighbor interface, i just looked at the L3 diagram and find that spefific ip
and see what vlan on the diagram for that interface….you might want to use that.

Wrapping up: the TS took me 1hr and 20 minutes, i solved everything.
Diag took me pretty much the whole 30 minutes because you need to read carefully specially the third question.
people say if you answer 2 questions, it should be enough to pass you but ofcourse i’m not taking any chances.
Config, I was very slow, not really but slower than what i practised. I was able to finish in 2 hour and 20 minutes in practice.
In the exam three hours in I was done in the exam. I had two hours to double check everything, i found some stuff that i configured wrong
and corrected it. everything except multicast ping was not working, didn’t care too much. But please read the questions carefully. sometimes
i got carried away with reading only the first line of the questions and start typing…not a good idea.

Feel free to ask me any questions, I’ll try to answer as briefly as i can. And all questions don’t include where and when i took the exam, including my CCie number. ^_^ thanks folks, i wish you all the best.

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