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CCIE R&S v5 Real Lab Exam Review on 30 May 2019 Pass in First attempt

CCIE Real Lab Workbook

CCIE R&S v5 Real Lab Exam Review on 30 May 2019 Pass in First attempt 9/5 (1)

Hello guys, please find my feedback regarding my attempt.Thanks CCIE R&S Tricks for help and support to pass my exam in first attempt

For diag I got H2+ pretty much the same as in solutions\
For tshoot I got TS2
Ticket 1: regular action plan access map: action forward HSRP was fine
Ticket 2: Ping was in place. Play with OSPF cost of R14 / R15 to match the trace
Ticket 3: igp / origin wrongly set. Int lo0 of R22 or R23 in wrong ospf process
Ticket 4: Just adjusted cost on loopback interface of R21 I think.
Ticket 5: Wrong ospf network type on tunnel interface
Ticket 6: No vlan2001 in ospf
Ticket 7: MPLS issue with Ldp neighbour between R1 and R5. Also ospf distance 19 on R10
Ticket 8: ip arp inspection missing on one of Port channels on SW310. Couldn’t find other issues
Ticket 9: Wrong ospf network type on R71.
Ticket 10: Missing nat statement on R24 or R25. Ip nat outside source … easy.Config H3:

Section 1: pretty much as in spoto. Don’t do this spanning-tree interface type under particular interface. There is no need to do so.
Section 2: Most of the stuff was preconfigured. For HQ side ospf had to be configured pretty much from scratch. For DC1 network point to point. Vlan2001 was not made passive. No neighbourship was formed over this interface. Pretty much everything was the same as in spoto. For multicast same stuff as in spoto. Add to to multicast boundary filter autorp. Ipv6 pretty much the same. I would advise not to filter any prefixes towards ISPs on R14 or R15. Those two are doing nat on lo123 > advertise it to ospf. Rest of the sections pretty much the same

Section 3: Majority of stuff was preconfigured. DMVPN crypto was done. Some configuration of DMVPN as well. Same as spoto. For MPLS just enable MPLS ip on e0/0 on r1 and r2. Also bop vpnv4 and ipv4 is required in full mesh between PE routers. Rest of the stuff pretty much as in spoto

Section 4: Same as cciernstricks workbook . Only configured max hops 3 not two.
Section 5: Same as spoto. HSRP config was started. Couple commands to finish it.

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